About Us

Welcome to Kaizenine! Based within the greenery of Lancashire, UK, we are your one stop destination for high quality gear and accessories that fuel your passion for outdoor adventures and active lifestyles.
Run by people with a love for the outdoors and being active, we hope to help you in pursuing your passions, whether that means conquering mountains, hitting the trails, or performing at your best in the gym or climbing centre!
Our name is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, meaning 'change for better' (from 改 kai - change, revision; and 善 zen - virtue, goodness) with the inherent meaning of  'continuous improvement'. We hope that our products can help you make improvements each day in order to reach the goals you strive for!
Our logo paints the scene of an Amur Leopard (the rarest of the big cats) walking amongst the wilderness with a mountain backdrop. The climbing print pattern is a nod to our love of climbing and the red upward trajectory line over the mountain peaks represents our philosophy of 'Kaizen'.
Being the rarest of the big cats, the Amur Leopard is a clear representation of how fragile nature can be and that we all have a responsibility look after it. At Kaizenine we pledge to donate 10% of our annual profits to animal preservation charities.